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The lovely Brit Andrus and her husband are so cute in this shoot styled by Morgan for InFrames Photography, and Mallory Francks.  I’m always saying this, but I love collaborating with creative people.  Isn’t the headpiece by Danani Handmade incredible?  It went so perfectly with the silver and white lace crop top and chiffon wedding dress I made.  I’ll stop with the words now so you can move on to the pictures, they are stunning!

| MODELS: Brit Andrus and Chase Allen | PHOTOG: In Frames Photography | DRESS: Natalie Wynn Design | HEAD PIECE: Danani Handmade | SUIT: Banana Republic | CAKE: Akita Stewart |

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Vintage Garden Soiree

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To see more beautiful shots from this collaboration, check out the other participants!  Ashley put together this whole party, complete with lovely invitations by Missy Healy, gorgeous cake by Keli Totten, florals by Dancing daisies floral and of course the stunning model Meagan Blake done up by Kira Avalos and Mikelle Runia in my “Raquel” gown.  It’s a tulle netting layered with multiple layers to achieve a blush tome with sequined lace appliqués.

Photographer/Planner – Ashley DeHart Photography
Makeup – Mikelle Runia from M.R. Hair and Makeup Design
Hair – Kira Avalos from Kreated by Kira
Ivory Dress – Elizabeth Cooper Design
Model – Meagan Blake
Floral – Dancing Daisies Floral
Cake – Keli Totten from The Sweetest Things Cake Shoppe
Invitations/Name Cards – Missy Healy

Kelsey Gown

One of the things that makes all of the time spent designing/making clothes so fun is being able to wear your own designs.  Unfortunately (Or I guess from a less fashion obsessed viewpoint it could be seen as something to strive for) there aren’t many opportunities in a lifetime to wear wedding dresses.  I spend so much time making them, so sometimes I have to make up an excuse to wear them- like this photo shoot.  I also love any excuse to work with talented people like one of my favorite HMUAs- Tiffany Johnson (I wish I could have her get me ready every morning!), and it’s always so much fun to work with Mike Johnson and my cute sister, Sarah Christensen.  For this shoot we got to shoot in Mike’s brand new, beautiful studio in Logan which I made quite a little mess in with buckets full of blossoms thrown around everywhere.   For this shoot I wore my Kelsey gown, which is one of my favorites- it’s a wrap-around dress made with a burnout chiffon in a floral pattern, and it is so comfortable, I could wear it every day!  We also shot my Minna gown, which I’ll post tomorrow!

DSC_2244-edited DSC_2205 11040959_10152833760703568_5619670253994657555_n DSC_2209 DSC_2226 11156227_10152833763778568_6995734193501952479_n DSC_2253 DSC_2254 11169945_10152833765563568_5348295867900162799_n DSC_2310 DSC_2321 DSC_2344 DSC_2377 DSC_2451 DSC_2452 DSC_2491

Gold Lace and a Video

I’m so excited to share these pictures from this photo shoot with Jesca Cluff, Toni Zitting, and Amanda Dixon.  It’s always fun to see collaborations come together, especially when working with such talented people who’s styles are so different than my own.  I love seeing my dress styled in a way that I never would have come up with, and I absolutely love the way these turned out, Jesca captured everything so beautifully!  And isn’t this headpiece by Toni incredible? _92A0457-Edit _92A0478-Edit _92A0232-Edit _92A0371-Edit _92A0595-Edit _92A0029-Edit _92A0518-Edit

Fashion Week Spring 2015- Behind The Scenes

So much goes on behind the scenes, and even though it gets a bit crazy sometimes, it’s so fun to be a part of all of it!  These are some of my favorite pictures that capture some of the best moments from producing Provo Fashion Week this Spring.  From surprise birthday parties, set building, runway cleaning, to last minute sewing and sweet little girls nervously waiting to go on stage.  Thank you everyone who helped make Utah’s Fashion Week a big success once again!  We couldn’t have done it without all of you!
PFW-Friday-Night_107-Edit-2 Provo-Fashion-Week-218-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-190-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-143-X2 PFW-Friday-Night_174-Edit-2 Provo-Fashion-Week-81-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-74-X2 Screenshot 2015-03-17 00.25.20 PFW-Friday-Night_330-Edit-2 Provo-Fashion-Week-60-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-19-X2 PFW--5-X2 11043340_10206245857891270_1408613352065142035_o PFW-Friday-Night_345-Edit-2 Provo-Fashion-Week-14-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-10-X2 PFW--6-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-144-X2

Provo Fashion Week Designer Highlights

We had 20 designers show their collections in our shows this Spring, so we saw a big range of styles, from swimwear to wedding gowns.  These are some of my favorite moments from the runway.  The designers are listed in order at the bottom of the post.  Follow @provofashionweek on instagram for more pictures, and for links to the designers.

"Provo Fashion Week" Screenshot-2015-03-05-14.30.30 Provo-Fashion-Week-235-X2 PFW--20-X2 Screenshot-2015-03-05-14.31.08 Screenshot-2015-03-05-14.31.25 11051800_932276176817749_47754173741002638_n 11034204_932275913484442_4848069716476619672_n 11025800_931294410249259_6927942026345394191_n 11020256_932262520152448_9111956215508886214_n 10985905_931272993584734_581941063611496041_n 10983235_931294133582620_5308091787417563401_n 10954980_931257856919581_9070255583889317741_n 10933906_930732943638739_8625412274884711321_n 10329248_932235613488472_3390861593306187928_n Provo-Fashion-Week-128-X3 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.12.39 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.12.07 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.11.42 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.11.18 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.10.41 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.10.08 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.09.16 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.08.44 Designers in order as shown (runway pictures): Natalie Wynn, Nancy Barrus, Janay Robison, Bree Lena, Beckett & Robb, RaeAnn Turner, Illume, Janay Robison, Natalie Wynn, Rebecca Nibley, Perfectly Suited, Natalie Wynn, Elizabeth Cooper, Zaiya Collection, Nancy Barrus, Bree Lena, Chylie Garner, Michelle Whitaker, Alexis and Aaron Puglisi, Lauren Whittier, Perfectly Suited, Hush & Salt, Tessel, Bree Lena

Pictures by: Mike Johnson (Endless Photography), Anastasia Strate, Ryan Houston, Breanna White


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