I’m a fitness fashion designer by day, a wedding and evening gown designer by night, and a try-to-be-every-other-kind-of-designer in whatever time is left, so while you’ll mostly see dresses on my blog, I’ll occasionally throw in a random project here or there, because I’m a single 26-year-old, and projects are my life and I can’t get enough of them (just kidding- I have way too many, but I’m definitely not complaining).

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I wanted to be a fashion designer as soon as I learned what one was, so after years of making dresses for dolls, sisters, brothers and whatever else growing up, I moved to San Francisco and studied fashion design at Academy of Art University.  Since graduating, I’ve worked for a lot of cool businesses, and now I’m living the dream and designing all day every day as creative director for KovaFit (launching this fall), as well as my own business, Natalie Wynn.  I also have an incredibly fun assistant, Jessica- who I absolutely love!


I’m currently decorating my new house in an adorable neighborhood in Salt Lake City with my fun roommates- a jewelry/industrial designer, a nurse, and a volleyball player.  We love hosting dinner parties and I always keep our house full of flowers, so I’m loving learning about floral design and upholstery/furniture making with my designer roommate.

I’m a co-producer of Provo Fashion Week which is a bi-annual fashion event featuring Utah’s top fashion designers and up-and-coming talent.  I love doing fashion week because I absolutely love collaborating with fellow creatives, and we have such an awesome team!  You’ll find a lot about PFW on here too.


Most of my blog posts are from collaboration photo shoots with model/photographer/hmua/stylist friends.  I can’t get enough of these!  I occasionally get to model for my fellow fashion designers as well because I always love being a part of runway shows and photo shoots from any aspect that I can be.  If you’re a photographer, designer, model, hmua, blogger, or stylist putting together collaboration shoots, email me at nataliewynndesign@gmail.com, I want to be involved!


I can’t finish an “about” page without mentioning my family, because as much as I love fashion and design, I love them even more.  My passion for creativity and tendency to have too many projects comes from my parents.  My dad is an artist, my mom is an avid quilter and together they have the most beautiful backyard and if I could talk them into it, they would have the best breakfast restaurant around as well.  My family came with built-in best friends, and my 4 siblings are the greatest!  My two little brothers turned out to be impressively well adjusted guys after all of the dresses, makeup, and photo shoots I subjected them to growing up, my older sister takes beautiful pictures that you’ll see on my blog sometimes, and my gorgeous baby sister should be a model in them, but I’m still working on that.  The blonde boys pictured are add-ons and I love them too.  If I was going to blog about anything other than designing, it would probably be my nephew, isn’t he adorable?

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Thanks for reading!

Much love -Natalie

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