Krishna Temple

I’m probably not ever going to get over this shoot.  Or the ridiculously talented people I get to work with. I’m just not.  Things could not have worked out more perfectly on this one (Other than maybe if we had been able to catch an elephant, but that’s pretty tricky business around here.).  Thank you to my dream team-

Photographer- Anastasia Strate, Model- Kim Kienow, Makeup- Jessica Taukei’aho IMG_3634-Edit-copy Crop Eyes IMG_3626-Edit-copy IMG_3604-Edit-copy IMG_3618-Edit-copy IMG_3642-Edit-copy IMG_3644-Edit-copy IMG_3648-Edit IMG_3667-Edit-copy IMG_3682-Edit-copy IMG_3689-Edit-2-copy IMG_3712-Edit IMG_3721-Edit IMG_3786-Edit IMG_3787-Edit-copy IMG_3807-Edit IMG_3817-Edit


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