Kelsey Gown

One of the things that makes all of the time spent designing/making clothes so fun is being able to wear your own designs.  Unfortunately (Or I guess from a less fashion obsessed viewpoint it could be seen as something to strive for) there aren’t many opportunities in a lifetime to wear wedding dresses.  I spend so much time making them, so sometimes I have to make up an excuse to wear them- like this photo shoot.  I also love any excuse to work with talented people like one of my favorite HMUAs- Tiffany Johnson (I wish I could have her get me ready every morning!), and it’s always so much fun to work with Mike Johnson and my cute sister, Sarah Christensen.  For this shoot we got to shoot in Mike’s brand new, beautiful studio in Logan which I made quite a little mess in with buckets full of blossoms thrown around everywhere.   For this shoot I wore my Kelsey gown, which is one of my favorites- it’s a wrap-around dress made with a burnout chiffon in a floral pattern, and it is so comfortable, I could wear it every day!  We also shot my Minna gown, which I’ll post tomorrow!

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