Fashion Week Spring 2015- Behind The Scenes

So much goes on behind the scenes, and even though it gets a bit crazy sometimes, it’s so fun to be a part of all of it!  These are some of my favorite pictures that capture some of the best moments from producing Provo Fashion Week this Spring.  From surprise birthday parties, set building, runway cleaning, to last minute sewing and sweet little girls nervously waiting to go on stage.  Thank you everyone who helped make Utah’s Fashion Week a big success once again!  We couldn’t have done it without all of you!
PFW-Friday-Night_107-Edit-2 Provo-Fashion-Week-218-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-190-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-143-X2 PFW-Friday-Night_174-Edit-2 Provo-Fashion-Week-81-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-74-X2 Screenshot 2015-03-17 00.25.20 PFW-Friday-Night_330-Edit-2 Provo-Fashion-Week-60-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-19-X2 PFW--5-X2 11043340_10206245857891270_1408613352065142035_o PFW-Friday-Night_345-Edit-2 Provo-Fashion-Week-14-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-10-X2 PFW--6-X2 Provo-Fashion-Week-144-X2

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