Provo Fashion Week Designer Highlights

We had 20 designers show their collections in our shows this Spring, so we saw a big range of styles, from swimwear to wedding gowns.  These are some of my favorite moments from the runway.  The designers are listed in order at the bottom of the post.  Follow @provofashionweek on instagram for more pictures, and for links to the designers.

"Provo Fashion Week" Screenshot-2015-03-05-14.30.30 Provo-Fashion-Week-235-X2 PFW--20-X2 Screenshot-2015-03-05-14.31.08 Screenshot-2015-03-05-14.31.25 11051800_932276176817749_47754173741002638_n 11034204_932275913484442_4848069716476619672_n 11025800_931294410249259_6927942026345394191_n 11020256_932262520152448_9111956215508886214_n 10985905_931272993584734_581941063611496041_n 10983235_931294133582620_5308091787417563401_n 10954980_931257856919581_9070255583889317741_n 10933906_930732943638739_8625412274884711321_n 10329248_932235613488472_3390861593306187928_n Provo-Fashion-Week-128-X3 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.12.39 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.12.07 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.11.42 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.11.18 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.10.41 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.10.08 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.09.16 Screenshot 2015-03-17 03.08.44 Designers in order as shown (runway pictures): Natalie Wynn, Nancy Barrus, Janay Robison, Bree Lena, Beckett & Robb, RaeAnn Turner, Illume, Janay Robison, Natalie Wynn, Rebecca Nibley, Perfectly Suited, Natalie Wynn, Elizabeth Cooper, Zaiya Collection, Nancy Barrus, Bree Lena, Chylie Garner, Michelle Whitaker, Alexis and Aaron Puglisi, Lauren Whittier, Perfectly Suited, Hush & Salt, Tessel, Bree Lena

Pictures by: Mike Johnson (Endless Photography), Anastasia Strate, Ryan Houston, Breanna White


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