Producing Provo Fashion Week: Behind the Scenes

Life right now is just lovely.  I’ve been wrapping up everything from Provo Fashion Week, and after all of that work, it is so nice to finally be able to just sit back and see all of the pictures and happy comments from people involved, and take orders for new dresses!  I am so thankful for our amazing team that helped make this happen.  I want to give the biggest, warmest “thank you” to Bree Wilkins and our PFW team; Ashley Murphy, Janay Robison, Chiley Garner, Cherisa Frank, Adria Shields, Jordan Dobson,and our photographers, Lindsey and Crystal from LC Photography.  I also want to thank Adam and Michael from the Gesso Group, and Mike Johnson from Endless Photography, and Niya Model Management for all of their extra help in our production.

It’s a little late, but now that I’ve been able to get some sleep (there definitely wasn’t nearly enough of that happening last week for any of the people involved) and given my brain some recovery time, I’m so excited to share pictures from backstage/behind the scenes glimpses from our production!  We had the most amazing designers and models in our show, and I wish I got pictures of all of them.

These are some of my favorite shots that Mike snapped from behind the scenes, featuring Nephi Garcia‘s amazing ballerina model, Susie Clawson.  This was definitely a highlight from the show.  She walked the entire runway en pointe like it’s just exactly how she walks all of the time.  I am so impressed.

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-182-X2

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-186-X2

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-180-X2 This is the sweetest little super model in training that the world has ever seen.  Nephi Garcia‘s daughter wore one of his creations and walked with him at the end of his segment.

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-32-X2

One of my favorite collections was Rebecca’s from Haunted Head Fashion.  I love this shot of her models right before going on the runway.

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-30-X2

When it comes to fashion shows, I think that models have the most fun!  Bree’s for aBree Original may have had the most fun of anyone.

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-49-X2 PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-82-X2 Or maybe mine did.

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-202-X2 We had the best security guards around for sure.

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-16-X2 One of my personal favorites, Brandon Perry

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-26-X2 Janay Marie’s beautiful ombre dress on the runway

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-41-X2 Julie Nguyen and her collection

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-81-X2 aBree Original

PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-123-X3

And last but not least, one of my very favorite dresses of the night from Mary Rino of Lily Bride Designs PFW 2014 - Endless Photography-136-X2


More pictures from my own designs in the show are coming, and don’t forget to mark Provo’s Spring Fashion Week in your calendars!  Follow us on instagram, Facebook, and check out for more details.





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