Make Your Own Dessert Stands

One of the best things you can do to make a table layout aesthetically appealing is to add a stand because A) Having a variance in height in your display looks much more interesting. B) Displaying your food in vertical tiers saves valuable table space.  And the more food you can fit on that table, the better! 😉 and C) They are just really pretty!  And also very difficult to find the perfect one, so luckily, you can make them yourself and have complete control over the outcome!  Here’s how:

  • FIRST: Gather your supplies.  Depending on the look you are going for, and the money you are willing to spend, you can find great candlesticks and other supplies at thrift stores.

You will need:

  • Plates
  • Candlesticks/Goblets/Parfait or Ice Cream dishes – Anything pretty with a stand between 3-6 inches (depending on the height of the tiers you want.)
  • Epoxy glue




  •   Mark on center of the bottom of the plate where you will be attaching it to the stand, and on the top of the bottom 2 (if you are stacking 3). Sand that area to make it rough.  If the dish and/or stand are too smooth, the adhesive will not last.
  •   Mix the epoxy according to the directions on the package, and with a toothpick, apply it to the bottom of the plate as marked. Press the stand upside-down on the plate and let sit until hardened.

DIY Dessert Stand

  • Once the epoxy has dried, turn everything right-side-up and repeat gluing process on the tops, stacking everything and letting dry.

And here is the finished product!

prom 2014_18

Once you know the basics, you can make all kinds of things.  If you put a bowl on top and a plate on bottom, you have a perfect dish for dips, I also have a stand that I made for displaying my perfume on.  Let me know if you try making these!  I would love to see pictures!  Just keep in mind, these aren’t dishwasher safe, so wash them by hand only.

Metal Dessert Stand DessertStandDIY


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