Provo Fashion Week Spring 2014 Recap

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to show a collection of evening dresses in Provo Fashion Week!  It was the first, and definitely not the last (Get ready for Provo Fashion Week #2!!- more details coming really soon!).  With the next show already in the works, I’m excited to get started on my next collection, but I can’t move on yet without documenting some of my favorite designs from some of my favorite Provo designers.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

This vibrant, romantic collection by Bree Wilkins ( was a perfect opening for our first show.  I’ve always thought Bree had exquisite taste, with a synergistic mix of sophistication and fun.  I loved seeing her unique sense of style come to life in her creations.


fashion show_80

Provo fashion 2014_35 Provo fashion 2014_36

The intricate detail in Alexis Puglisi’s collection was mind-blowing.  The delicate design on this green dress was laser-cut, and imagining the time she put into the beading on her white gown hurts me and makes me excited at the same time.  There was so much thought and work put into each of her show-stopping creations, this girl is a real, authentic designer, she doesn’t just design to get stuff done, she designs with a refreshing all-in, no-corners-cut, un-compromised passion.  The girl in the orange pants gets it (bottom picture).

Provo fashion 2014_32

Provo fashion 2014_29 Provo fashion 2014_27

If you can look past my fiercely beautiful models (They were all so great, if you ever need model recommendations, come to me because I will recommend ALL of them) you may notice that there is foiling detail on some of the fabrics, and velvet applique on others.  I designed my fabrics and used screen printing and heat transfer printing to print my designs onto each pattern-piece separately.  Stay tuned to see more detailed pictures next week!

Provo fashion 2014_21 revised 2 Provo-fashion-2014_21revised

fashion show_69 fashion show_67   fashion show_66

Provo fashion 2014_7

fashion show_64

Brandon Perry brought an avant-garde element to our show with his forward-thinking, edgy designs and innovative styling.  I loved the perfectly placed shoulder cut-outs on this second dress.  Brandon is on his way to FIDM in LA, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future!

fashion show_49 fashion show_55 Provo fashion 2014_4

The hosts of the show, Melanie Brook, and Janay Robison pulled off a major feat by designing this gorgeous collection, and putting on the show all on top of their already busy schedules.  I don’t even know whether I should focus on their impressive organization skills or their beautiful use of these rich fabrics, and beautiful construction, so maybe you should experience it yourself and have them make you your own beautiful ensemble!  Check them out at

fashion show_35 fashion show_45 fashion show_46

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of Kailee Brown’s collection because Michael and I were selling tickets to people who came in late and we missed her opening the second show.  But Kailee has been in the Provo fashion scene for a little while now and she has a fresh, young style that is definitely worth checking out at


Lizzy Rinner’s sweet swimwear collection made me want to start planning a trip to the beach. I particularly liked the strappy honeycomb suit, but I would love to wear any of these!  Check out more of her work at

fashion show_21 fashion show_22 fashion show_20

I knew Anna Gregory was golden as soon as I saw on the program that she was using a Parov Stelar song for her show, and then when she dedicated her show to her grandmother I may or may not have gotten a little bit emotional.  I LOVED this dress. Her whole collection was a callback to the classy days of Audrey and Marilyn, perfectly infused with just the right amount of modernity.

fashion show_14

Tessel ( was a great line to end the show with.  These designers (Aaron Puglisi, and Daniel Shirley) studied industrial design, so they have a little bit different perspective and brought something completely unique to the show.  You have never seen anything quite like their backpacks, computer, and iPad cases.

fashion show_6 fashion show_9


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