Provo Fashion Week Behind the Scenes

I didn’t know all of my models before my show, but now I can sincerely say I love each and every one of them.  They made the whole fashion show experience an absolute delight.  They   are all very professional and reliable on top of being gorgeous and so very fun!  So This is my shout-out to Kehaulani Griego, Corri Thomas, Karri Lauritzen, Lauren LaRue, Raquel Eisele, and Rachel Barrett!  And here’s to many more fashionable adventures!

Provo fashion 2014_46

Provo fashion 2014_49 Provo fashion 2014_38

Provo fashion 2014_43

Provo fashion 2014_48

Provo fashion 2014_39

Provo fashion 2014_51

Provo fashion 2014_44


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